Spring Colloquium – Separation barrier

[Video] 2012’s College of Arts and Sciences Spring Colloquium saw an interactive installation exhibit that attracted a number of students and faculty to think about how walls are used as barriers in conflict zones. Through the hard work of a number of students and faculty, in the middle of Stratton Quadrangle, a formidable wall was constructed to resemble the wall that separates Palestine and Israel. 

Among the faculty designing, constructing, and installing the wall were: Elaine Abusharbain, associate professor of biological sciences; Denise DeGarmo,associate professor and chair of political science; Sandra Tamari, specialist in the Center for International programs; and, Steve Tamari, associate professor of historical studies.

Some of the students who participated in designing, constructing, and installing the wall were: Nasir Elmasry, Robert Budron, Amina Musa, and Samira Hussein. According to DeGarmo, the students were the main drivers behind the idea.

Visitors of the installation were given information about the wall. On one side of the wall was a number of maps, facts and figures showing history of the wall. The middle of the wall was set up into a gate. “Visitors” were given an identity and then attempted to pass through the gate.

A number of students, acting as guards, questioned the visitors about who they were and what their purpose was for passing through the gate. Visitors were allowed to pass or were turned back depending on how the guard thought the questions were answered.

One part of the mission of the wall was to give attention to a new club that is starting at SIUE.

Below is a video of three of the students who worked on the wall and are helping start the club.


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