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David Kim and Ed Benyas performing together at Dunham Hall

SIUE-SIUC join for concert

[Video] Last Wednesday, the SIUE and SIUC orchestras came together for a combined concert. Put on by Arts and Issues, the concert was part of this spring’s CAS colloquium, “Thinking About Space.”
The combined orchestras played to a packed house. Ed Benyas from SIUC started off conducting for the evening with “Russian Easter Festival Overture” by […]

Spring Colloquium - Separation barrier

Spring Colloquium – Separation barrier

[Video] 2012’s College of Arts and Sciences Spring Colloquium saw an interactive installation exhibit that attracted a number of students and faculty to think about how walls are used as barriers in conflict zones. Through the hard work of a number of students and faculty, in the middle of Stratton Quadrangle, a formidable wall was […]

Potential Space: A Hands on Art Therapy Experience

Potential Space: A Hands on Art Therapy Experience

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 a group of SIUE art therapy teachers and students (Megan Robb, Shelly Goebl-Parker, Judy McGrath, Diana Dykyj, YunCHe Chiu, Laura Lengyel, Lisa Thompson-Gibson, and Renee Tate) met with with a group of eager participants for a hands on exercise in art therapy.
The event was part of the Spring 2012 College of […]

Colloquium presenters speak to natural spaces

Colloquium presenters speak to natural spaces

Two presenters spoke about natural spaces as part of the 2012 Spring Colloquium. On Tuesday, Aldemaro Romero, dean of the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences, and David Israelitt, a student at SIUE, spoke to a small crowd about two distinctly different types of natural spaces. The session was simply entitled Natural spaces.
Romero, who has […]

Dr. Hernando Garcia and Dr. Edgar Rueda setting up a high speed light source

Edgar Rueda visits SIUE

Edgar Rueda from the University of Antioquia paid a one month visit to SIUE campus to work with Hernando Garcia, associate professor of the SIUE Department of Physics.
An expert in experimental optical physics and optical information processes, Rueda is visiting SIUE to learn about Transient Spectroscopy, a process in which the level of electron excitement […]

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