Casting a Wide Net: SIUE BFA Opening In Lemp Brewery

gallery goers at the Spring 2012 SIUE BFA exhibitionOn April 21, 2012, the old Lemp brewery in Saint Louis got a taste of southern Illinois culture when SIUE’s spring BFA students opened their gallery show “Casting A Wide Net.” The show features work from: Rebecca Jerrels, Aaron Holderman, Aurora Bihler, Kim Buettner, Hunter Creel, Elizabeth Hill, and Kevin Tod.

This is the second showing for this spring’s BFA students, with the first being a smaller two day show on campus in the Wagner Gallery last March. Recent growth in SIUE’s BFA program combined with restrictions on time and space caused by construction of the new art building additions resulted in limited on campus gallery availability.

“What happened was the MUC gallery was overbooked and we needed a space to show more of our work.” Bihler shared.

The students teamed up with Jane Barrow, professor of art and design and head of the SIUE painting program, to find gallery space in the city. Barrow was able to help the students find a space for the show at the Lemp brewery where she has maintained a professional studio for over ten years. From there, the students were responsible for arranging the show and preparing the space.

“The students here have dry walled, painted, created the lamps, and mopped the floors,” Barrow explained, “The amount of work and the camaraderie that’s needed to do something like this is just exciting for them.”

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