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The University of Havana delegates shaking hands before their lecture on their visit to SIUE

Cuban Delegation Visits SIUE

Last Tuesday and Wednesday SIUE was host to a delegation from the University Of Havana. This visit was part of the ongoing efforts by the two universities to establish an ongoing academic exchange program. This exchange is part of the ongoing efforts of SIUE’s Cuban and Caribbean Center, founded in 2009 with the purpose of […]

Jorge Hernandez Martinez and Raul Rodriguez presenting at SIUE

US Cuba Relations before and Beyond the Cold War

Tuesday May 29, 2012 Jorge Hernandez Martinez and Raul Rodriguez gave a talk at SIUE about the history and politics of the United States relationship with Cuba titled “US Cuba Relations before and Beyond the Cold War.” Through the lecture the two University of Havana professors attempted to inform SIUE faculty and the public about […]

Luis Rene Fernandez-Tablo presenting at SIUE

Cuba as a Market for US Business

May 30 2012, University of Havana professor of economics Luis Rene Fernandez-Tablo gave a special guest lecture at SIUE titled “Cuba as a Market for US Business a Brief Approach.” The lecture addressed many of the current complications when it comes to doing business with Cuba as a direct result of the current economic sanctions.
“The […]

SIUE Storm Chasing and Assessment Class in Joplin MO

SIUE Goes to Joplin

Mark Hildebrandt recently returned from Joplin, MO where he and his students engaged in post storm assessment of the town one year after the EF 5 tornado that caused massive destruction.  The visit was part of a course in Storm Chasing and Assessment taught by Hildebrandt since 2007 in response to hurricane Katrina.
Possessing a facination with […]

The cast from the Du at SIUE

CAS Does the Du

Wednesday May 30, 2012 students from the anthropology department teamed up with students from the department of theater and dance to perform, “Forbidden Love: Na Mini Du,” an abbreviated version of a traditional Surinamese Du play.  The performance is the product of an IS class taught by Kathryn Bentley (Department of Theater and Dance) and […]

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