Segue Turns One

March 6, 2011 Segue first went on the air with host Aldemaro Romero, dean of SIUE’s College of Arts and Sciences, and his first guest Ruth Slenczynska. Since that first air date, the program has successfully aired 54 consecutive weekly programs with guest from all areas of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Segue has it’s roots back at Arkansas State University where Romero hosted a science talk radio program. Shortly after taking his position at SIUE, Romero approached Gary Hicks, associate professor and chair of mass communications, about doing a similar show with the key difference being that it drew from all areas of arts and sciences. Shortly after that, production for Segue began.

Airing every Sunday on WSIE (88.7 FM) the program showcases the work of SIUE faculty and guest scholars as they talk about their respective fields. The show is designed so that one of the four monthly programs focuses on each of the major areas of the college of arts and sciences. (social science, natural science, humanities, and performing/visual arts)

“We’ve had a variety of interesting topics over the last year everything from music, biology, history, English, theater and dance, sociology, and criminal justice,” program engineer Wayne Mills shared, “They all relate to CAS but the work that the faculty does is so varied and diverse I think it makes for compelling programming”

Going into its second year, Segue has recently gone into syndication and will likely be adding video cast of the program in the near future.

“When you listen to a particular show, you build this image of both the host and the guest on the show and usually this has no basis on reality,” explained Romero, “by looking at the body language you can get an even better sense of what’s going on.”

With fifty-four episodes down, and more than twenty others recorded and waiting to air, Segue is likely to be a part of the CAS landscape for some time to come, welcome news to its growing listener base.

“It lets the community know what’s going on at the university and why it’s important,” Segue listener and SIUE alum Helen Damon shared, “I think it’s a great show and it’s great exposure for the university.”

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