SIUE Percussion Ensemble debuts with Smithiger at the helm

The SIUE Percussion Ensemble debuted, with its new director Daniel Smithiger, at the Percussion Ensemble Concert on November 17 in Dunham Hall Theater.

SIUE's Percussion Ensemble debuted with its new director, Daniel Smithiger, on November 17 in Dunham Hall Theater.

The ensemble consists of 15 SIUE students who represent a variety of academic disciplines.

“The ensemble itself is a diverse representation of students across campus with multiple disciplines and majors,” said Smithiger. “The repertoire that we are communicating with our audience is diverse, [ranging] from the older percussion ensemble literature of the 1930s and 1940s to some very contemporary transcriptions, arrangements and compositions of now.”

The goal of the show – “excellence in performance and music making,” according to the Music Department – was propelled by all participants. The show also served as the setting for the debut of another SIUE creation.

“We also debuted our steel band. It’s a small steel band that SIUE has – it’s called SIUE Steel,” Smithiger said. “So, that was exciting.”

Smithiger said that he was pleased with the ensemble’s consistency and overall performance.

“They have been doing well and last night’s performance was pretty consistent with what they’ve been doing in rehearsal,” said Smithiger. “They did a good job.”

SIUE steel will be performing on December 7 in the Goshen Lounge in the Morris University Center and the SIUE Percussion Ensemble is set to perform on December 8 at Granite City High School.

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