Dance in Concert 2010 Wows Audience

“Dancing is something that everyone should enjoy,” said Theater Education sophomore Joshua David. “Like Aristotle says about friendship being one soul in two bodies, we dancers are this one soul in a ton of bodies. It’s what I want to teach.”

David was one of the performers in Dance in Concert 2010, a work that artistic director Kristin Best-Kinscherff says should focus on dancers having a professional experience of building a production. To further this goal Best-Kinscherff added a callback to the audition process, worked with local artists as guest choreographers and showed off all pieces a week before going into spacing and technical rehearsals. The audience seemed to appreciate the high level of artistry.

“I brought my daughter, my niece and my mom,” said visitor Jane Michener, whose father was on the music faculty at SIUE when she was a teen. “We want to expose the kids to as much art as we can, to round them out a bit. I got dragged to many performances as a child. It grew my appreciation for all kinds of art forms, and carried into adulthood as a real joy.”

Brenda Slover, mother of dancer Bria Slover, says the strong dance program influenced her daughters decision to come to SIUE, although her major is not in dance.

“She’s been dancing since she was three and she chose SIUE because she was interested in the Speech Pathology program, which she is in, and she has a minor in dance because its her passion,” said the elder Slover. “Having both of those programs is one of the reasons she chose SIUE.”

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