A Day in the Life of a Student: Dylynn Otte

“I know I am not just a number here and that is important to me.”–Dylynn Otte

Dylynn Otte, pictured third from the left, coaching.

Dylynn Otte, a junior at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, provides a busy snapshot of what life is like for her as a student, tutor, and player on the NCAA Division Women’s volleyball team. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Otte chose SIUE in part because of the University’s overall size. “SIUE is not too small or too big, it is just right. I know I am not just a number here and that is important to me,” she commented.

Otte’s semester certainly requires careful planning each and every week. “Monday, I wake up, and eat a quick breakfast, and go tutor students.” Otte’s knowledge base is broad, tutoring students in any and all general education classes. “After tutoring, I go to my classes and then eat lunch and study.” After her brief lunch, she goes to practice and then strength conditioning, and in addition to her own athletic responsibilities, she coaches a girls club volleyball team. Dinner follows coaching which is followed by more tutoring and by now, you might be wondering, so when does Dylynn Otte sleep? Sometime after she finishes up with studying and homework responsibilities for all of her courses. “I have a very busy schedule, but I would not have it any other way. It can be challenging at times, but I enjoy the routine of my crazy busy life.”

Outside of Otte’s personal determination and drive, she attributes much of her success as a student to the resources that have been offered to her here at SIUE. “Every student is capable of achieving success here as SIUE–using the library, tutoring services, and available time to meet with instructors has been fundamental to me. These resources have enabled me to develop into a leader who actually feels capable of making a difference in the world.”

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