A Message from the Dean

Welcome to the New Year and the January 2019 issue of This Month in CAS! I hope both the year and the spring semester have started off well for you. To kick off the year, we have some great stories to share.

We start with the spotlight on our faculty. Driving around in the recent winter weather, you may have had a few choice words for your fellow drivers plunging through the snow. Perhaps you even thought, “These people are the worst drivers.” As it turns out, you would be right! You can read about our new colleague, Dr. Alan Black, in the Department of Geography who has been researching the impact of inclement weather on transportation in our area. He recently appeared on KMOX to discuss why winter transportation in the St. Louis Metro area is so …”special.”

Another one of our colleagues was featured on NPR this month. Professor Tiana Clark, in our Creative Writing program, wrote an article concerning the topic of professional “burnout” and how this affects African-American women, in particular. This powerful article, drawing on her personal experience, went “viral” indicating a great deal of interest in the subject. Finally, you can read all about Dr. Mark Poepsel’s new class in Mass Communication about how to communicate ideas in science to mass audiences, helping to make science more accessible to the public.

It’s always gratifying to read about the success of our students. You can read about recent Political Science graduate Margaret Scarsdale who recently published a sole-authored paper.  As she starts her doctoral studies, she recounts the impact our URCA program had on her career. Not to be outdone, current student Sutton Allen, a junior art and design major, was also recently published in a peer-reviewed journal. Some of Allen’s work will be on display in Art & Design’s Annual Student Juried Exhibition.

You can read all about these great students and faculty in our January edition of This Month in CAS!

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