Lovejoy Library to Provide Meditation Room

“We would like to see people make the space their own.”–Juliet Kerico Gray

Lovejoy Library. Photo Credit: E. Dustman

Meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation are set to make their way to the Lovejoy Library. With a great interest in addressing the needs of the 21st. century student, the library plans to open a meditation room. Earlier this year, the library received a grant from Trust for the Meditation Process. The Lovejoy Library is the first library to have submitted a proposal to the grantor for such a space. Principal Investigator for the grant and Librarian Marlee Graser states, “We didn’t really realize how much the space was needed in the library until we started writing the grant.”

Health Sciences Librarian Juliet Gray and Marlee Graser have teamed up to co-create the space. The two plan to build a community of meditators by providing a room in the library, likely to be located on the quiet and more secluded third floor. The room will be geared towards students and faculty on campus and will not just serve as a place for meditation alone. “We would like to create a shared space for mindfulness and prayer, contemplation and reflection—a space to meet the needs of all on campus” (Graser). Both expressed the importance of creating an environment of openness in the library with a desire to coordinate with other groups on campus. “All are invited. The center is open to all levels from people who have no experience to those with many years of experience” (Gray).

Gray and Graser anticipate the meditation room to be completed and fully operational by January. The room is estimated to accommodate around 15-20 students. Both are open to and encourage feedback from individuals and organizations on campus regarding the development of the space. Those interested in giving input can contact them by email.

Juliet Kerico Gray
Health Sciences Librarian

Marlee Graser
Metadata Librarian

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