Explore CAS debuts at SIUE

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dr. Gregory Budzban has examined the debut of Explore CAS Day. Explore Day was the first incarnation of such an event for the CAS.

When looking at the overall results for Explore CAS Day, Dean Budzban says the event turned out well. The event, which featured alumni, faculty, and staff from SIUE, proffered to answer questions for both incoming students and students who have yet to declare a major.

Dean Budzban says the event allowed for families and potential students to interact with the various organs that build the CAS. Additionally, Explore Day offered a more hands on approach through demonstrations in the science laboratories.

The turnout tallied to 55 current students and an additional 124 people, which includes family members of prospective students.

Looking to next year’s Explore Day, Dean Budzban says recruiting new students is the critical point. To maximize results, Dean Budzban wants to take a more head on approach with high schools in the metropolitan St. Louis region.

To embark on such an endeavor, Dean Budzban says the CAS Explore Day will work in tandem with the Mass Communications department to focus on promoting SIUE over social media. The aim is to create personalized connections for prospective students. In a similar vein, the dean has proposed bringing high school counselors and advisors from schools around the region on campus. Another proposed idea to help build a more personalized connection between SIUE and prospective students is to have SIUE alumni return to their previous high schools to speak with students about where they are at and how SIUE has helped them achieve goals.

All in all, the Explore CAS Day was a success for the College of Arts and Sciences and through experience provided by the debut, an even more successful day is anticipated next year.

Dean of CAS College of Arts and Sciences Gregory Budzban 08-07-15

Dean of CAS College of Arts and Sciences Gregory Budzban 08-07-15

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