SIUE students help Holiday Shores Fire Dept in traumatic exercise

SIUE students from the Department of Theater and Dance have aided the Holiday Shores Fire Department in an exercise pertaining to trauma survivors in the form of a bus crash.

Holiday Shores Fire Department Assistant Chief Steve Cooper reached out to the SIUE Theater and Dance department for assistance with makeup for a field exercise on trauma. In the exercise, a bus flipped over with about 18 passengers – 15 children and adolescents, and three adults.

To help make the accident scene more realistic, SIUE students enrolled in the Stage Makeup course helped to create the gruesome aftermath. Students Abigail Polley, Adrienne Brammeier, Jasmyne Woods, Nicholas Harris, and others helped to create a believable image of a bus crash.

The students created scenes of burns, bruises, broken bones – including a compound fractured shin bone – and even crafted glass shreds made of Plexiglas. Another prop used to sell the scene was that of fake, edible blood. The students explain that edibility is a necessity with the faux blood because of the possibility of it accidentally being ingested.

The exercise, which lasted for about four hours between the application of makeup and clean up, utilized white wax and skin colored wax to create the illusion of bones breaking through skin. Hospitals sent the students material to make inorganic organs.

Take a look at the pictures and congratulate the students of the Stage Makeup class for a job well done.fd

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