Stellar Student: Shelby Markel

Shelby Markel doesn’t remember exactly when she decided she wanted to become a doctor.

SIUE junior Shelby Markel, a biological sciences major from Bunker Hill, comes from a line of pre med students at SIUE. Her brother, Jordan, graduated from SIUE in 2014 and her uncle, Dr. Gary Rull is also an SIUE alum. (Photo courtesy of Shelby Markel)

But family bloodlines may have been a factor.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do,” said Markel, an SIUE junior. “I don’t have an inspiration or reason why. I’ve always been interested in the medical field. Seeing a doctor in my family and seeing what he does, that’s been the biggest influence.”

Her uncle, Dr. Gary Rull, is an SIUE alum who practices internal medicine in Springfield. Her older brother, Jordan Markel graduated from SIUE last spring and is currently enrolled in the SIU School of Medicine in Springfield and Carbondale.

“I’ve always looked up to him,” Markel said. “I wouldn’t say it influenced me, but it definitely pushed me along that route. I’ve always felt very supported by my family to do something in the medical field.”

In addition to participating in the SIUE Pre-Medical Association, Markel also volunteers at the Alton Memorial Hospital.  There the 20-year old works in central sterilization where she preps and sterilizes surgical tools.

Markel has made the dean’s list each semester with a 4.0 GPA and was recently named a Stellar Student by the College of Arts and Sciences. Markel, a biological sciences major, said she chose biology because she has more interest in the sciences than in math.

Markel attended Professor Faith Liebl’s Cellular and Molecular Biology course, where she often assisted other students with their studies.

“The reason I remember Shelby more than other students in the same class is she kind of helped other students understand the material a little bit better,” Liebl said. “It shows she took a leadership role and helped them with problem solving.”

Markel is currently drafting her research proposal in glutamate neurotransmission in fruit flies in Liebl’s lab this semester that will continue into her senior year.

The Bunker Hill native said that she enjoys working with children and is considering working in pediatrics.

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