Chemistry professor provides expertise for ACS weekly news magazine

Chemistry professor Edward Navarre and SIUE were mentioned in an international scientific publication. Navarre was refererred to for his expertise on atomic spectroscopy for an article in the American Chemical Society's weekly magazine. Photo courtesy of Navarre.

Chemistry professor Edward Navarre, the American Chemical Society’s weekly news magazine’s adviser on atomic spectroscopy, was referenced in a late March publication on his knowledge of the technology

Navarre said he was asked about Pittcon, (the Pittsburgh Conference) “the world’s largest annual premier conference and exposition on laboratory science” held annually, according to the website. At Pittcon 2014, 70-100 companies introduced new equipment with a total of 900 exhibitors at the conference according to Navarre.

Navarre was asked to look at roughly 15 press releases submitted by companies at Pittcon announcing new equipment in the area of atomic spectroscopy, and drew from his 20 years of experience in instrumental analysis in evaluating them.

The editors of Chemistry & Engineering News (C & EN) selected four people to advise and “distill down all of the new presentations of instrumentation to that which is actually new and important.”

Navarre said in offering advice he was in “very pleasant company.” The list of people asked in recent years include “some very well-known names.”

According to Navarre, author Stu Borman of the C & EN’s article asked him to “really draw out what is genuinely new and interesting and intriguing this year” among the presented new instruments in atomic spectroscopy and elemental analysis.

“For one author this would be very complicated.” Navarre said. “My job was to look at those [press releases] and discern which [instruments] were really new and which [press releases] were just very artful marketing department releases. My job was to weed through all that-find the things that were really new and give some perspective back to the author of the article.”

Navarre said he was glad to give SIUE, mentioned in the article, “good publicity.”

“I’m always happy when I can get the name of the university into an international publication,” Navarre said. “Any time in a positive way I can get the university’s name in print is always a good thing.”







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