STELLAR student profile: Danielle MacDonald

Senior cultural anthropology major Danielle MacDonald, of Edwardsville, is one of many students chosen as a STELLAR Student by the College of Arts and Sciences.

STELLAR Student Danielle MacDonald

STELLAR Students are nominated by faculty members in their respective departments. The program recognizes, honors and develops “some of the star student achievers” of the College of Arts and Sciences,” according to the STELLAR website.

MacDonald said she found being selected as a STELLAR Student “flattering.”

“I worked pretty hard at it,” MacDonald said. “I’m a returning student. I’ve got four kids so it was really encouraging.”

She said she chose to study anthropology because she has been “really interested in the origins of human expression,” as well as English and art history.

“I read a lot about archaeology, mythology [and] ancient history… which naturally falls into anthropology,” said MacDonald.

Her future plans include working on her senior project, for which she is curating an electronic exhibit.

“I’m looking at museum studies and the possibility of becoming a curator,” MacDonald said. “The degree is preparation for that. It gives good background and information. I noticed that when I started looking up museum studies in graduate schools, [a lot of them] wanted applicants to have degrees in something like art history, anthropology. Anthropology has been tied up with museums forever.”

MacDonald’s main hobby outside of school is film, though she said she considers that part of her studies.

“It’s really entertaining, but I would like to do some projects with pop culture and interpreting films in our culture,” MacDonald said.

In addition to her interest in films, MacDonald said she has to try to keep up with her children and their interests.

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