CAS Enrollment on the Rise

Morris University Center Cafeteria packed on a Friday afternoonBad news for SIUE students as already crowded parking lots get even more packed. The upside enrollment for the College of Arts and Sciences is on the rise. This year CAS shows a record high for freshmen enrollment as well as for overall ACT score, meaning that the college is attracting more and higher performing students overall.

The increase in overall enrollment comes as a surprise due to several factors.  First there are fewer high school graduates this year than in previous years meaning that there is a smaller pool of potential freshmen overall.  Secondly admissions standards were raised across the university meaning that incoming students would have to perform better in terms of ACT scores as well as in their overall grade point average in order to be considered for admissions.  With increased admissions standards hopes were that while the total number of applicants would decrease retention of students would increase.

While overall SIUE enrollment was down the College of Arts and Sciences saw a six point five percent increase in total enrollments of CAS majors. Some of the most impressive numbers among departments include: Physics with a fifty percent increase, Geography with a twenty one percent increase, and Criminal Justice with a twenty percent increase.

“We are gratified by these increases in the College of Arts and Sciences in a time when all institutions of higher education in Illinois are showing a decrease in general enrollments.  Based on anecdotal evidence it seems that our outreach efforts through the radio show Segue, the weekly newspaper article and documentaries, among others, are bringing positive interest of students toward our programs in the College,” commented Aldemaro Romero, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Aside from the increased media being generated by the school tremendous efforts have been seen from faculty who’ve volunteered their time with local schools, produced noteworthy publications, and engaged in international outreach efforts.

“This effort of the College of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff is really appreciated,” shared Todd Burrell director of admissions, “Their support has helped us bring in what I feel is a great group of new students.”

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