SIUE Crew Takes on the Saint Louis 48 Hour Film Challenge

Handle with Care fourty eight hour filmLast June a group of current and former SIUE students and Professor Cory Byers of the Deparment of Mass Communications teamed up to take on the Saint Louis Fourty Eight Hour Film Challenge.

In this annual competition teams from around the Saint Louis area are given forty eight hours to write shoot and edit a short film. The teams are assigned a genre, character, prop, and line of dialogue to ensure that the films are original creations specific to the competition.

“It’s basically a competition to see who can make the best film in forty eight hours,” Byers explained, “The whole points is really just to get together with a bunch of people you enjoy working with and make a film.”

The resulting film was titled, “Handle With Care,” and is a comedy about an egotistical puppeteer and the pitfalls he experiences in his friendship with his personal assistant. The film won best of it’s screening as well as best editing overall.

To view the film visit ( )

Handle with Care from CoryB on Vimeo.

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