Dance in Concert 2011

SIUE's Dance in ConcertNext Wednesday marks the opening night of the annual “Dance in Concert” performance at SIUE. The show features a collection of dance pieces from guest choreographers from the St. Louis area as well as a the work of SIUE faculty. Also featured are the winners of this years student choreographer award.

Work on the concert typically begins the second week of fall semester with the intent on an early November showing. The cast is a mix of theater and dance majors as well as individuals from other academic disciplines.

“You don’t have to be a dance major to be in the concert,” Artistic Director J. Calvin Jarrell explained.

The students performing in the concert have to adapt to a wide variety of styles, ranging from slow narrative pieces to fast paced interpretive works. Each segment is headed up by a different choreographer.

“For every choreography you have a director for a short kind of one act play,” said Jarrell.

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