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Last Friday at approximately 12:34 pm the sky over Southern Illinois University Edwardsville broke out in a sudden downpour. On the quad, faculty from all over the Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CAS) could be seen scurrying for cover, their arms full of colorful posters, candy, and expensive lab equipment. This was not the sudden anticlimactic end to the worlds most educational parade, but rather a strategic retreat from the ever exciting CAS Hands-On Day.

CAS Hands-On Day is an annual event where the College of Arts and Sciences takes over the quad with interactive exhibits. Aside from giving SIUE students the chance to relive their trick or treating days (successful completion of many of the challenges merits a candy reward), the main focus of the hands on day is to help undeclared students get more exposure to the many disciplines the university has to offer. The experience also helps to raise awareness of the diverse resources the students have at their disposal.

The third annual CAS Hands-On Day was originally scheduled for Thursday, September 22, but was bumped back a day due to the threat of rain. The event was scheduled to run from 11 am until 1pm but had to be cut short due to a sudden downpour.

This years event covered a wide variety of activities ranging from spear throwing to salsa dancing and just about everything in between. The hands on structure of the day provides visibility to programs that might not normally get as much attention or consideration from students.

Despite their drenching, CAS instructors were happy to share information about their respective programs, and will take over the quad again next year.

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