TWIC: A Window to the College of Arts and Sciences

This Week In CAS (TWIC) officially launched on October 1, 2010 as a news hub for SIUE’s College of Arts and Sciences. In the past 7 months, the editors of TWIC have been delighted to bring you the achievements of faculty and staff, the exciting events on  the University’s  vibrant campus and other information regarding the research ventures of the excellent faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences.

In the launch edition of TWIC, Dean Aldemaro Romero, described TWIC as “a vehicle to celebrate the achievements of faculty and students … a way to communicate what is coming up in the College of Arts and Sciences, of new opportunities for advancing scholarship and pedagogical initiatives. It is also a window to little known facts about CAS … TWIC is the blackboard of what CAS is all about: a vibrant community of scholars, students and staff. ”

Several CAS chairs weighed in with opinions on TWIC.

“TWIC has been a wonderful forum for disseminating information about and offering profiles of our faculty, students, and programs to the larger CAS community. As well, it keeps our Department members informed about what is going on across CAS so that we may participate as individuals or classes,” said Sharon McGee, associate professor and chair of English language and literature.

“It was great to get some publicity for the new Native American Studies program,” said Julie Holt, associate professor and chair of anthropology.

“For the Department of Theater and Dance TWIC has been a welcomed initiative. We have taken advantage of the opportunity to include stories about students, faculty, unique aspects of our productions and performances and in other ways let our CAS colleagues and University community know about the kinds of things that are happening in the performing arts specifically in theater and dance. We hope it continues to thrive,” said Peter Cocuzza, associate professor and chair of theater and dance.

We are honored to be a part of the great initiative to spread the word about the dynamic community that is CAS. We look forward to continuing to bring you quality stories that celebrate our faculty and students. Below are 10 news items, covered in this year’s TWIC, that we encourage you to reread as they highlight the range of achievements and events covered this year.

“Segue” a show of SIUE CAS interviews debuts Sunday

Jumping frogs, hard landings

SIUE ranks high for its diversity efforts

Recording Academy tips hat to Kendall

SIUE now has protected nature preserve

Strangers in a strange land

Steidl speaks of lost live

Best-Kinscherff revives the University Dance Company

Sullivan collection represents

Islam, terrorism, and Osama bin Laden

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