Music faculty showcase a hit for full house

A full house enjoyed the musical talents of seven of SIUE’s faculty members at the Department of Music’s Faculty Showcase.

The showcase, which took place Oct. 29 in the John C. Abbot Auditorium, on the lower level at Lovejoy Library, featured a variation of musical expressions. The organizer, Music Professor Linda Perry, made it a priority to create a diverse showcase.

“I try to make it a varied program that represents different instrumentations and different voices,” said Perry. “We had our violinist, our clarinetist, our cellist, our percussionist, two singers—soprano and tenor—and myself—I play piano and harpsichord.”

Assistant Music Professor Lenora-Marya Anop played violin; Assistant Music Professor Emily Truckenbrod sang soprano; Assistant Music Professor Marc Schapman sang tenor; Music Instructor Dan Smithiger played marimba; Music Professor James “Mac” Hinson played clarinet; and Assistant Music Professor Marta Simidtchieva played cello.

“In the spring or early summer, I start sending out e-mails to all the people who perform and I get their ‘wish lists,’” explained Perry. “Then, I try to put those together into shows that make sense so that there’s a balance—so that we have a little vocal and a little instrumental.”

The finished product attracted an impressive turnout.

“It was well attended and most of the attendees were students—so they’re taking good advantage of the [Office of] Student Affairs’ offer for free tickets for each event,” said Kelly Kraestch, office support specialist for the Department of Music. She assisted in collecting and selling tickets at the event.

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