• Sociologist Encourages Scientists to Examine the Social Factors that Influence Women’s Desire

    SIUE Sociology professor Alyson K. Spurgas acknowledges the importance of experimental psychology research on sexual dysfunction in women.
    Sociology professor Alyson Spurgas hopes to publish a book on her research by 2018. (photo courtesy of Spurgas)
    However, she would like to challenge researchers to dig deeper for more complex explanations for women’s desire troubles. Contemporary research and […]

  • A culture lives on: SIUE student’s project explores Indonesian culture with puppet exhibit

    Mariah Huelsmann selected a collection of Javanese puppets because their curvature, symbolic crowns and detailed sculpt do more than captivate audiences.
    SIUE senior Mariah Huelsmann is creating a museum exhibit display of Javanese puppets in Peck Hall. Huelsmann is the 2016 commencement speaker for the College of Arts and Sciences. (Photo courtesy of the Anthropology Department)
    “They […]

  • SIUE students help introduce high school students to advanced mapping technology

    Edwardsville High School Seniors Emily Lombardi and Nickie Cashdollar didn’t plan on studying geography when they begin college next fall.
    Edwardsville High School students Lauren Serfas (left) and Amanda Schmidt display their poster for their AP Geography course group project. Serfas and Schmidt used Geographic Information Systems technology to survey suitable land for wineries in the […]

  • Middle Eastern day connects students with culture, shatters stereotypes

    Words and phrases used by western media to describe Arabs and Muslims do not exist among natives of the Middle East.
    SIUE students participate in Dabke, a traditional group dance that varies by country in the Middle East. (Photo by Joseph Lacdan)
    Members of the SIUE Arabic club and Saudi Student Association hand out brochures about Arabic […]

  • Professor’s book explores the history of Minnesota’s mining towns

    The stories of the iron mining communities in northeast Minnesota may often get overlooked in American lore.
    SIUE history professor Jeff Manuel speaks at his book signing event at the University bookstore in April. (Photo courtesy of Jeff Manuel)
    Like the California gold rush, thousands fled to the region during the 19th century to mine huge deposits […]

Cody Osborne

New CAS student senators hope to connect with classmates this fall

SIUE’s College of Arts and Sciences student senators believe changes in the student government structure will give better representation to CAS students next fall. Cody Osborne Landon
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Historical Studies graduate student Samantha Thompson speaks during her presentation at Peck Hall April 8. (Photo by Joseph Lacdan)

Historical figures showcased in historical comparison

Comparing two of the more famous western European explorers from different time periods required some innovative thinking by SIUE graduate student Samantha Thompson. Historical Studies graduate
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Professor Marc Schapman leads the student orchestra during rehearsals. (Photo by Joseph Lacdan)

SIUE Theater and music students tackle Mozart in this year’s spring play

A blend of experienced musicians, thespians and talented undergraduate actors provided a unique opportunity for SIUE professor Marc Schapman. (From left) Samantha Koester, Emily Moore, Amanda
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MFA Art Therapy student Sarah pray performs acoustic music during the opening of the annual Art Therapy Exhibit. (Photo by Joseph Lacdan)

Art Therapy exhibit provides window into the impact of mental health

Different perspectives in how mental health has touched lives was the theme of this year’s Art Therapy Exhibition at the Art and Design Building West.
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  • Message from the Dean

  • Dean of CAS College of Arts and Sciences Gregory Budzban 08-07-15

    Welcome Message from the Dean

    Dean of CAS College of Arts and Sciences Gregory Budzban 08-07-15 Dear Colleagues, Welcome to the first edition of This Month in CAS! As most of you recall, the previous publication, This Week in CAS, had to be put on hold due to budget cuts.  However,

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  • Other Recent Articles

  • Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks to a crowd of supporters outside of the Vadalabene Center March 4. (Photo by Joseph Lacdan)

    SIUE students share volunteer experience during Bernie Sanders’ rally

    Shortly before Spring Break, Paige Cooper and Haley Schlecht received a welcome opportunity when they learned through the College of Democrats and SIUE student government that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would be holding a campaign rally at the Vadalabene Center on March 4.
    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks to a crowd of supporters outside […]

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