February Convocation an exercise in support

“A convocation is a weekly meeting of all the music students,” said Music Professor Linda Perry. “The majors, they’re required to attend a certain number of these each semester. Its one place when we are all together at one time to enjoy music. The purpose is to hear a representative sample of various kinds of music. Today there was voice, piano and marimba. Another day there might be a saxophone quartet or a jazz group. Every music major is required to perform once a semester, although they are encouraged to perform more often.”

Convocations benefit students who perform and those who attend as the audience. For the performer, according to Perry, the experience is invaluable as an opportunity to see what really works — a sort of laboratory for the artist to try new things. The audience (hopefully) gains a greater appreciation for the vast repertoire of all genera and an appreciation for music that is not for their instrument or voice — to broaden their horizons.

“I think it is also a way that we show peer support for each other,” Perry said. “It’s nice to have your peers around you, supporting what you are doing.”

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