Palestinian scholar presents research on Palestinians in Israel

Areej Sabbagh-Khoury will present at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 19, on “The Palestinian Citizens of Israel between the history and the present,” in the MUC Meeting Room A.

Department of Political Science professor Laurie Rice helped organize Areej Sabbagh-Khoury's presentation on "The Palestinian Citizens of Israel between the history and the present."

Sabbagh-Khoury is a researcher and Program Coordinator at Mada al Carmel: Arab Center for Applied Social Research in Haifa. She has been a researcher at Mada since 2002 and since 2008 has served as Mada’s academic coordinator of the Political Participation Project of the Palestinians in Israel, according to Laurie Rice, political science professor.

Rice said Sabbagh-Khoury researches and writes on the Palestinians in Israel, internally- displaced refugees and the Israeli Zionist left.

“We thought this is a great opportunity for students to hear a side that isn’t heard from that much from someone that is not an average person but someone who studies and researches Palestinian living in Israel,” Rice said. “We hear from the Israeli side, we hear the side of Palestinian living in occupied territories, but we don’t often hear from (a) Palestinian living in Israel.”

Rice said there is a lot of tension in Jerusalem and East Jerusalem and the U.S. plays a role – whether we are aware or not.

“It is important for students to realize what is happening and to form their opinion on what should be done and what the United States should be doing,” Rice said.

Sabbagh-Khoury has contributed to several books and articles, including a two-volume book, co-edited with Nadim Rouhana, “The Palestinians in Israel: A Guide to History, Politics, and Society’ and co-authored, also with Rouhana, a forthcoming article ‘Settler Colonial Citizenship: Conceptualizing the Relationship between Israel and its Palestinian Citizens.”

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