CAS Colloquium proposals due Jan. 31

Students and faculty interested in participating in the 2014 College of Arts and Sciences Colloquium have until Jan. 31 to submit proposals.

Associate Dean Larry LaFond said anyone in the university community is eligible, so long as proposals fit the theme “Thinking About Movement.” LaFond said the theme is broad so it can be approached from various directions, such as:

  • Physical artistic movements for theater and dance.
  • Movements of people for anthropology.
  • Movement of atoms or motions of blood in an organism for the sciences.

Proposals can range from presenting a paper or crafting a panel discussion to a performance or poster session, according to LaFond.

“The word ‘movement’ itself can be interpreted as broadly as the person wants to do it,” LaFond said. “And so the kinds of abstracts we expect also are as broad as that.”

Students can submit to the colloquium to gain experience presenting academic papers, according to LaFond, while faculty could showcase a new aspect of research to colleagues.

“We [present at conferences] because of our natural curiosity about the world and because we’re part of a community, an academic community that is at its best when it talks to one another about the world and our own exploration for knowledge,” LaFond said. “…This is one of the events that is the college at its best, I think. When we’re doing what scholars are about, doing scholarship and talking with one another about our scholarship.”

The colloquium coincides with the Greater St. Louis Humanities Festival, according to LaFond, which gives SIUE the opportunity to draw people to the colloquium presentations from beyond the SIUE community.

Its featured event is a debate between American political commentator James Carville and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales that will focus on U.S. immigration policies, among other topics.

Those interested in submitting proposals for consideration can find application materials at For more information, contact LaFond at

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