SIUE cooperates with Brazilian university, produces book on literary theory

Foreign Languages Department Chair João Sedycias edited a book on literary theory to be published for Brazilian university curriculum

An international collaboration between SIUE and the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) has resulted in a book being published for Brazilian university curriculum.

The book “Rethinking Contemporary Literary Theory,” or “Repensando a Teoria Literária Contemporânea,” features world-renowned scholars and authors of literary criticism and theory according to foreign languages department chair João Sedycias, who served as editor.

“These professors are the leading scholars in the field of literary theory and criticism in Brazil, and their presence in this project is a testament to the quality of scholarship that SIUE and the UFPE can muster in a mutually beneficial international context,” Sedycias said.

Sedycias said he is thankful for the international program, established in 2012, which opened the opportunity to publish the book.

“I am grateful to Dean Al Romero and Vice Chancellor Nobby Emmanuel for the opportunity to represent SIUE in an international context through this project,” Sedycias said. “This book is the result of a common effort between professors from SIUE, UFPE and various other flagship universities throughout Brazil, and it should open many doors for additional opportunities to faculty and students from both institutions.”

The book features sections on American new criticism, psychoanalysis, reader-response criticism, Marxism, feminism and Russian formalism. The 18 chapters also include the literary criticism of Walter Benjamin, Jacques Derrida and a documented interview of living literary critic and philosopher Jonathan Culler among others.

Sedycias said he hopes this book will open new doors for research opportunities between SIUE, UFPE and other Brazilian universities.

“I look most forward to developing other research opportunities for faculty and students from SIUE to work with their counterparts in Brazil,” Sedycias said.  “I believe the professors and students from UFPE would certainly welcome such an opportunity.”

Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Aldemaro Romero said that Sedycias’ efforts add to the prestige of the university’s programs.

“This is a great example of one of our faculty members developing international relationships that enhance opportunities for both faculty and students while increasing the prestige of our institution,” Romero said. “Certainly Dr. Sedycias deserves a lot of credit for this initiative.”

The book, written in Portuguese, will be published in spring 2014 by the University Press of the Federal University of Pernambuco. It will be used in university curriculum for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of literature in Brazil.


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