SIUE alumnus awarded Women in Archaeology internship

SIUE alumnus Katie Leslie was awarded the Women in Archaeology internship from the Center for American Archaeology, located in Kampsville.

Leslie, who majored in anthropology, said she was “very excited” when she found out she was offered the internship. She will be assisting high-school age students and adults in supervising their field procedure, along with public outreach and education.

Other duties will include, according to the CAA website, “conducting field excavation, laboratory processing and management, and logistical operations,” along with being in a supervisory and teaching role for programs such as “High School Field School sessions, Adult Field School, Family Dig It Weekends and Archeology Day.”

Leslie said she is most looking forward to meeting new people and hopes to gain more experience teaching others about archaeology.

“I’m more interested in the bio-archaeology aspect of things, which is more the human remains aspect of things,” Katie said, “and I would think if you’re going to study the past [of] people that’s a pretty direct route to learning about them…”

Leslie applied for the internship because she was looking for more experience outside of her current employer, Illinois State Archaeological Survey.
“I had been looking into doing more public outreach and education and that was a big part of it,” Leslie said.

Her internship will be June 2.


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