Ozment, Zamfir receive political science scholarships

Two political science students recently received scholarships from the department.

Valerie Ozment

Junior Valerie Ozment and sophomore Gabriela Zamfir received the Gordon D. Bush Political Science Scholarship and Evelyn Bowles Scholarship, respectively.

Ozment she was excited to hear she was selected for the award.

“It made me feel very humble and to know that I’m blessed to have people in my life that think that the work I do means something…,” Ozment said.

Part of the application process for the Gordon D. Bush Political Science scholarship included writing an essay about turning negatives into positives. Ozment’s essay focused on rebuilding the Metro East.

Ozment said her next step is to attend law school and become an attorney, though her ultimate goal is to become a member of Congress.

“Politics is my passion, and I think with my involvement in an organization called Model Illinois Government that one day I can help to change the political world,” Ozment said.

Zamfir said she too was excited upon finding out she received her scholarship.

“I was having a game night with my boyfriend’s family when I found out,” Zamfir said. “It’s hard to describe the feeling of checking your email and finding out that you’ve just received $1,000 in any way other than saying that it’s really exciting. I looked up and told everyone, and we had a moment of, ‘yays,’ then went back to our games, but my heart smiled for the rest of the evening.”

Gabriela Zamfir

Zamfir said it means a lot to her to be selected for the scholarship.
“Anytime you work really hard for something and someone else recognizes your effort, it’s
really nice,” Zamfir said. “As much as internal satisfaction is great, it’s a different kind of
great when you’re acknowledged for your efforts. It’s a confidence boost, and it’s also a motivator to keep doing what you’re doing.”
Zamfir began her studies at SIUE with the class of 2016, but due to taking dual-credit classes through St. Louis University and AP tests while in high school she expects to graduate in 2014.
She hopes to attend law school after SIUE and go into corporate law, with the ultimate goal of serving as in-house counsel for a corporation.

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