Ambassador Hussein Moussawi Talks Lebanese Politics

Ambassador Hussein Moussawi at SIUERetired Lebanese ambassador Hussein Moussawi visited SIUE last Friday to give a special guest lecture on politics in Lebanon.

Moussawi served as the Lebanese ambassador to Bulgaria and Hungary, and as a diplomat to the United Arab Emirates, China, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations.

During his lecture Moussawi discussed issues of peace in the middle east as well as how Lebanon has maintained a lasting peace between Christian and Islamic parties through it’s unique political power sharing mechanism known as confessionalism; a system in which political and institutional power is distributed proportionally among religious communities. Moussawi also talked about Lebonon’s history as well as the unique relationship with it’s neighboring countries of Syria and Israel.

The Ambassador was invited by Professor Saba Fatima of the Philosophy Department as part of her course, “Philosophy 334: Islamic Thought.”  Moussawi’s visit is part of a series of speakers that aim to provide students with a hands-on perspective of the Muslim social and political world.  

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