Segue Records Episode 100

SIUE Faculty at round table discussion for Segue episode 100Last Friday a group of SIUE faculty met in the Dunham Hall studio to record the 100th episode of Segue. This special edition of the weekly radio program took on a round table format with six of the shows previous guest being given the chance to turn the tables and ask Aldemaro Romero (the shows host) about the show and CAS at large.

Since it first aired in 2011 Segue has aired every Sunday at nine on WSIE 88.7fm. The show features SIUE faculty as well as other learned figures in a conversational talk radio format. The goal of Segue has been to provide an outlet for scholars to explain the importance of the work they do to the world at large and help close the mental gap that tends to form between academia and the rest of society.

“I had no idea how the show was going to be received so I am pleasantly surprised about the positive reception,” Romero shared.

Since inception the show has grown to include a wider variety of guest, and more field reporting. The most recent addition to the show has been the video webcasting of each episode. Romero stated that moving forward he would like to try expanding on the show with more student and multiple guest episodes to get a broader look at some issues from varied perspectives.

The one hundredth episode will air on February third of next year and as always will be available though the web the following day. The shows creators view it as an ever growing and changing experiment and are always eager for input from their listeners about ways to better share the work of SIUE’s faculty and students.

Past and current episodes of Segue are available at:

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