SIUE Chemistry Alum Makes a Return Visit

On October second Nathan Motl returned to SIUE to deliver his talk entitled “Earning a Ph.D. In Chemistry: My Graduate Experience at Penn State.” The talk focused on his graduate school experience, conveying to current undergraduates the various pitfalls and triumphs of a grad school career so that they might know what to expect should they pursue further degrees.

During his time at SIUE Motl was mentored by Mike Shaw of the chemistry department. Shaw recalls first working with Motl as a sophmore in one of his labs. Shaw was with Motl through many of his firsts including first time on an airplane, first time traveling without family, and first time eating Thai food to name a few. Shaw described Motl as having been shy at first but becoming much more outgoing throughout his time at SIUE.

“It’s nice to see your student do well and to see them heading down a good path,” Shaw shared.

Motl graduated from SIUE in 2007 and went on pursue his doctorate at Pennsylvania State. His focus of study has been on synthesis in nano particles. Having now obtained his Phd Motl is beginning work as a postdoctoral fellow in Bloomington Indiana.

“I was really happy to hear him say that his education at SIUE prepared him to succeed at Penn State,” said Shaw.

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