After the Academy book reading in MUC bookstore

[Video]  A second book published by the office of the Dean of the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences saw its first public reading this past Thursday. Several of the contributors to the book, “After the Academy: Memories of Teaching and Learning in the Land of Lincoln,” were at the Morris University Bookstore to read from their book.

Aldemaro Romero, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, as part of the postscript, writes, “For this volume, we approached distinguished emeriti faculty and alumni and asked them to share their stories with us. In some cases, those stories needed to be told through an interview, a creative piece, or through writing not by them but about them. The stories of those who graduated from this institution years ago, when this was a smaller and a commuter campus, were also quite compelling. Both narratives together complement each other and give us a wonderful look at memories of teaching and learning in this evolving university.”

“After the Academy” is a followup to the book “Adventures in the Academy” which was published last year, which examines the connection between academia and the individual professor. It allowed each of the writers to explore how they came into world of academia and to show the paths they have travelled.

Below is a selection of video from the reading.


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