Mass Comm Week 2012

April 16, 2012, Fritz Faerber kicked off Mass Comm Week with his lecture, “Journalism Without a Net.”

Fritz Faerber lecturing at SIUE for Mass Comm Week 2012A ten-year veteran of salaried journalism, Faerber returned to freelancing five years ago. Since then he’s contributed to CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, National Geographic, and numerous other publications. Faerber shared his experiences starting out, strategies for marketing stories, and tips for networking.

The theme for Mass Comm week this year was “The Entrepeneural Cybermind,” with lectures focusing around how media professionals are having to adapt their skills to work today’s changing media environment. Topics included job finding strategies, the impact of social media, selling media to larger outlets, protection of first amendment rights, and starting one’s own publication.

“It’s to highlight what we’re doing but primarily to bring in outside professionals in the media industry to come in and talk about where the industries are headed,” Mass Communications chair and associate professor Gary Hicks explained.

Students giving out free Pizza for Mass Comm week 2012

Students temporarily signing over their first ammendment rights for the First ammendment free food festival sponsored by the Alestle

Mass Comm Week ended with the 42nd annual Mass Communications Alumni Evening held in the Dunham hall television studio. The evening included dinner and cocktails, a review of the department’s history, and award presentations for SIUE outstanding alumni and students.

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