Edgar Rueda visits SIUE

Edgar Rueda from the University of Antioquia paid a one month visit to SIUE campus to work with Hernando Garcia, associate professor of the SIUE Department of Physics.

Dr. Hernando Garcia and Dr. Edgar Rueda setting up a high speed light sourceAn expert in experimental optical physics and optical information processes, Rueda is visiting SIUE to learn about Transient Spectroscopy, a process in which the level of electron excitement in a material is measured along with the amount of time it takes for the material to return to an equilibrium state. The data gathered through transient spectroscopy has numerous engineering and scientific applications including the creation of faster integrated circuits and the development of nano-technologies.

“I found this area very interesting because the impact is going to be very big.” Rueda shared.

In order to observe the changes occurring in the materials being studied, an incredibly fast light source is required, with measurements down to the pico second. Part of the work Rueda will be doing during his stay at SIUE will be learning to use the physics departments’ high speed laser. Rueda will also be working with Garcia on strategies for raising funding for a similar light source in Columbia.

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