Manuel Ramos Performs at SIUE

Manuel Ramos Performing at SIUE On February 17, 2012, SIUE was treated to a musical event 60 years in the making as special Guest Manuael Ramos took to the Abbot Auditorium stage. This performance was part of Ramos’ 60th birthday tour in which he aims to give performances of all the Paganini caprices, Beetoven sonatas, and Bach sonatas and partitas.Manuel Ramos Performing at SIUE

Born in Mexico, Ramos is a 6th generation violinist.

“I was born with a violin on my chin,” Ramos joked.

Ramos got his start professionally at age 14 when he entered the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico City. For the past 35 years, Ramos has been associated with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, from which he has taken a one year sabbatical for his birthday tour.

The tour began last September, although Ramos’ birthday is actually November 24th. So far on his tour, Ramos has visited Peru, Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. Ramos says he is looking forward to touring Europe with the symphony after his sabbatical, however he does enjoy many aspects of touring solo as well.

“I enjoy my freedom,” explained Ramos, “The symphony is a very processive kind of work so it’s nice to have some time off .”

For his performance at SIUE, Ramos was accompanied on piano by Linda Perry, professor of music and director of keyboard studies.

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