Stellar Profile of Denise Donley

“The STELLAR … program is designed to recognize, honor, and develop some of the star student achievers of our College. Our CAS STELLAR students will receive special recognition and support from the College to help them achieve their full potential in their academic program and beyond,” according to the STELLAR website. Nominations are not necessarily predicated on the academic performance of the students.  The students are nominated by faculty members of the department in which they are studying.  Each department nominates one or two students who excel in their studies and best represent the core values and show exceptional promise in that department.


Hometown: on a family farm about 1/2 an hour north near Qunicy, IL. Donley states that her family raises cows and pigs, and farm corn, soybeans and wheat. She was a member of the Future Farmers of America, and the 4-H where her father taught her to show pigs.

photo courtesy of Donley

Major: Mass Communications specializing in Television and Broadcasting

Siblings: one sister majoring in Agronomy at Western Illinois University. Denise said that when she turned two years old, her sister was brought home from the hospital as her birthday present.

Hobbies: Vice President of Advertising Club, hosting Global Village, intramural volleyball, and admittedly a bad basketball player.

Work: SIUE Central Housing office

Future: “I like to earn what I receive. So, I want to begin by being a television news reporter. But, maybe that might not be my first job. So, I will take what I can get. After working as a multi-media journalist, as Riley says, I will hopefully work my way up and eventually be able to anchor the morning news, maybe anchor the evening news. But I know within my future a family is an important part of what I want in my life. So, if things come in ten years and I want to change my careers, I am open to anything.”

Donley will begin an internship with St. Louis TV January 9, where she will help reporters with whatever they need, maybe film stories, work in the editing labs, and hopefully, eventually, host some shows.

Nominated by: Mass Communications Department: Corey Byers stated: “Denise deserves this honor for many reasons – the first being her enthusiasm for her work and her major. Denise is one of the most cheerful people I’ve ever met, and she brings this joy with her into the classroom and into her assignments. She’s the kind of student that makes teaching so much fun. She is also extremely intelligent and very hard working; two qualities that will help her go far in the TV news business. Denise is one of the nicest people I know, which makes her extremely popular with her classmates. Additionally, she is able to work with anyone, which is such an important trait to have in a field where teamwork is essential. Although not currently in one of my classes, she still comes to Global Village even when she’s not hosting just so she can be there to help out and gain more experience. She is a wonderful ambassador for the Mass Comm department.”

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  1. llafond says:

    It’s great to hear more about our STELLAR students! Denise has done excellent work here at SIUE and we are proud of her.

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