Beth Cavener Stichter visits SIUE

Beth Stichter working on a large scale Rabbit Sculpture at SIUEAs part of SIUE’s 2011 Turkey Feast, Beth Cavener Stichter visited the art department of SIUE for a three day demo.

Stichter spent her time at SIUE showing students how she makes a completed art piece from start to finish, in this case a human sized seated rabbit figure. Day one focused on armature design and construction, day two featured the modeling of the full sized figure, and day three focused on how to break the figure down for the firing process.

The daughter of a molecular biologist and an art teacher, Stichter intially started her academic career studying physics and astronomy but later decided she could better explore the universe through her art. She obtained her BA in sculpture from Haverford College in 1995, and her MFA in ceramics in 2002 from Ohio State University.

Having explored a wide variety of content Stichter’s earlier work focused on animal human hybrids, figural work, and abstract interactive pieces. Her more recent focus has been on the use of animals exhibiting human expressions, these works tend to focus largely on the more primal aspects of human nature including sexuality and cruelty.

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