Music from the Middle East

Violinist Rebin Ali at the Music from the Middle East workshop held at SIUELast Wednesday, October 19, American Voices, a performing arts group dedicated to sharing culture from around the world, held their “Music from the Middle East” workshop at SIUE campus. The workshop featured live musical performances, a presentation of the group’s activities around the world, and a segment from “Camp Unity” a documentary filmed about the group in 2008.

American Voices was formed with the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The initial focus of the group was to spread music and performance arts resources to eastern Germany and the former Soviet Union. The group then expanded their reach into Asia and Latin America. The group was first invited to set up workshops in the Middle East in 1998 .

“When September 11th hit we were one of the only arts organizations that had networks set up in the middle east and were ready to to dive in with cultural diplomacy programs,” executive director John Ferguson explained. The group’s activities are currently primarily focused on work in the middle east but still remains very active in Asia and Latin America as well.


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