Grinter speaks on China, Korea, Asia policies

Lawrence Grinter speaks to SIUE faculty, staff, and students about Asian issues.

In the global marketplace today, gathering knowledge about other people is an indispensable tool. SIUE faculty, staff, and students had the opportunity to learn about issues relating to Asia on the world stage this past week from an expert in the field.

With more than 30 years of experience in Asian security issues, Lawrence Grinter, professor of Asian studies at the Department of War Fighting at the Air War College and an adjunct professor at Auburn University came to campus to share his knowledge.

Ronald Schaefer, distinguished research professor and director of the center for international programs coordinated the event. In an email, Schaefer stated that “In recent years, the Air Force has sought out Professor Grinter for his expertise regarding the relationship between North and South Korea as well as the relationship between North Korea and China.”

The event was held Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Grinter answered questions of a number of College of Arts and Sciences faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and staff over lunch. The event was open to all of SIUE and several faculty members from the School and Engineering and the School of Business also attended the session.

Below are several videos with a selection of the audience questions and Grinter’s responses to the questions.

Note: Grinter made the following statement prior to beginning the discussion: “Any views that I express here or views I express tonight are entirely mine. I am an Air Force Department of Defense employee. And in no way should anything I say be construed as official policy.”

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