What is TWIC?

Welcome to the first edition of This Week In CAS (TWIC). TWIC is a vehicle to celebrate the achievements of faculty and students. It is a way to communicate what is coming up in the College of Arts and Sciences, of new opportunities for advancing scholarship and pedagogical initiatives. It is also a window to little known facts about CAS.

But, more importantly, TWIC is the blackboard of what CAS is all about: a vibrant community of scholars, students and staff.  I hope you will find this weekly electronic platform a very useful one, rich in information and insights. I also hope that this will become a dynamic vehicle to communicate among us.

I want to thank Gary Hicks, Sheena Butler, Tim Dickison, Jesse Pennington and Paul Riat for the fantastic job they are doing in making TWIC a common ground for all.

Aldemaro Romero

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

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  1. dr16gauge says:

    Great publication Al. I enjoyed finding out what my colleagues have been doing in the CAS this week!

  2. SIUEfaculty9 says:

    It is very nice – and will only get better as the content gets more rich.

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