Johnetta Haley Scholars host ‘public thinking event’

Students and faculty discuss social issues at "public thinking event." Photo by Howard Rambsy.

With the aim of encouraging more creative and intellectual engagements on campus, participants in the Johnetta Haley Scholarship program host a monthly “public thinking event” in the Goshen Lounge in the Morris University Center.

The first “public thinking event” hosted by the group took place on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

At the event, students and faculty were motivated by a variety of posters – containing quotes, information and images – to think about and discuss ideas ranging from the meaning of academic success, societal problem solving, and intellectual service.

The Johnetta Haley Scholarship program consists of about 150 “underrepresented” and diverse students at SIUE who receive a funding award.

The group is participating in a common reading project which focuses on Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell and Whatever it Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America by Paul Tough.

The ideas contained on the posters at the recent “public thinking event” were influenced by the ideas presented in the two books that the Johnetta Haley scholars are reading and discussing.

The public thinking event allows the scholars to exchange their ideas with a larger audience and simultaneously encourage more intellectual discussion among students and faculty on campus.

The next public thinking event will take place October 20.

Student reads a poster at "public thinking event." Photo by Howard Rambsy

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