Welcome Back to This Month In CAS 2017-2018

Back for it’s 7th year, This Month In CAS (TMIC) , is here for all your CAS news in the 2017-2018 academic school year. On behalf of Dr. Gregory Budzban, Dean of SIUE’s College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), and his staff, we welcome you all back to another exciting year here at SIUE.

Entering this academic year, TMIC has produced hundreds of diverse topics about CAS faculty, staff and events in the College of Arts and Sciences. Topics include Student Presentations, art exhibits, museum exhibits, new faculty, department chairs, and developing academic research.

We here at CAS attempt to continue the growth of our department by improving the depth and insight of the stories that were covered last year. We encourage CAS students to share their endeavors and successes to their department chair, as TMIC will be in communication with every CAS department chair in the 2017-2018 semester.

Also, here at CAS we encourage you to share TMIC with your community outside of CAS, as we are also on Facebook and most social media platforms. We will continue to post CAS updates, including adventures and successes within the CAS community, as well as the local community and the wider world.

For ideas concerning events, research, or general happenings in the College of Arts and Sciences, please contact our new TMIC Editor; Brian Lallish at blallis@siue.edu

With that being said, Welcome back to SIUE and TMIC.


This Month In CAS Editor


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