CAS says bon voyage to business manager Shavonda Mitchom

Shavonda Mitchom, who has been the business manager at the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) for the past three years, has accepted a position at the East Saint Louis Center and will be the associate director.

In her new role, Mitchom will assist with strategic planning in economic matters of the East St. Louis Center. One of Mitchom’s roles will involve working with the East Saint Louis Center’s grant funding programs, which includes head-start programs for students ranging from pre-kindergarten through high school.

Other roles Mitchom will enact are that of working with program directors, assisting financial planning, and overseeing human resources and labor related matters. As such, Mitchom will have 250 employees working under her.

Though Mitchom will be permanently based in East Saint Louis, she will be back on the Edwardsville campus a few days out of each month.

Mitchom says she is excited for the opportunity she is receiving through the East Saint Louis Center. She looks forward to assisting underserved youth, encompassing pre-kindergarten through high school, and being involved in their futures.

All of CAS thanks Shavonda Mitchom for her services to the College and wishes her a bright future ahead.


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