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mass_mediaMass Communications Master’s student Miles Davis will be reporting on behalf of the College of Arts and Sciences for the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. During his undergraduate studies, Miles was a double major in History and Philosophy. During that time, he studied abroad at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey for three semesters. Following graduation, he returned to his beloved Istanbul and spent two years working as a journalist for the English-language daily newspaper Hurriyet Daily News, where he discovered his passion for journalism and communications studies. Fluent in Turkish and proficient in Spanish, Miles has a passion for language as a whole. Born in Pueblo, Colorado to a military family, he has lived in many states, including Hawaii where his parents retired before moving to Illinois.

For ideas concerning events, research, or general happenings in the College of Arts and Sciences, please contact Miles at mildavi@siue.edu

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