Stellar Student: Carolyn Neunuebel

Student STELLAR Awardee Carolyn Neunuebel likes to branch out creatively, through music, linguistics and traveling abroad.

Carolyn Neunuebel, studyiing abroad in Shanghai is a STELLAR Student at SIUE. Photo courtesy of Neunuebel.

Her decision to attend SIUE she summarized in one word—value—to provide for these outlets.

“I came to SIUE after already attending school at two other establishments: Cornell College and Saint Louis University. Although both schools were wonderful experiences, I did not feel as if they were worth the amount of debt I would accrue upon graduating. Comparably, the education at SIUE is equivalent to that of both schools but at a fraction of the price,” Neunuebel said.

On being named a Student STELLAR Awardee, Neunuebel said she was flattered.

“I did not expect to be a part of what seems to be a prestigious program at SIUE,” Neunuebel said. “It is such a pleasant surprise and I am excited to learn of the benefits it might bring me.”

She is especially proud of numerous accomplishments. Neunuebel is currently studying abroad in Shanghai and is enrolled in a master’s program through a French school called The School of Commercial Sciences, Catholic University of the West.

“The program focuses on giving students knowledge in many aspects of doing business in China. I am proud to be a recipient of a Gilman Scholarship because it funded most of my costs for studying and living in China,” she said.

She is also a correspondent for the Reach the World program while overseas, a non-profit organization that promotes studying abroad in classrooms across the U.S.

Neunuebel added that she was honored to receive a CAS award last year as an outstanding student in Chinese.

“I really enjoy studying and learning Mandarin as well as about the Chinese culture,” Neunuebel said.

What she said she is most proud of is being able to achieve such awards, maintain a high GPA and work full-time through most of her college career.

“I believe that people make time for what is important to them and I hate seeing anyone feel as if they are inhibited educationally simply because they lack funding – there are many great options out there for those who put the effort forward,” Neunuebel said.

Neunuebel has worked at Walgreens where she started as a beauty advisor, then as a photo technician and finally as a certified pharmacy technician.

“My biggest challenge is that I haven’t had any financial support from either of my parents, so figuring out my living situation and making my school schedule and work schedule work together is something that I fret about at the beginning of each school year,” she said. “It’s funny how things just tend to work out if you put enough effort forward, though.”

In the near future, she said she would like to do a lot more travelling.

“I think it is such a critical part to developing global awareness and enjoying life,” Neunuebel said. “I spend a lot of my time browsing the site Reddit because you are able to interact with people from around the world and it is a great way to stay up-to-date on global events,” Neunuebel said.

She added that she has played the violin since she was eight years old and will occasionally try her hand at the guitar and ukulele.

“I like to partake in activities that cultivate creativity,” Neunuebel said. “I even doodle while I listen in class because it helps me to concentrate, however it is somewhat awkward for me when someone asks to borrow my notes.”

Neunuebel has taken technology in public relations courses at SIUE where she created projects using the Adobe Creative Suite and wrote the HTML/CSS for a personal website.

“I’m kind of just letting life continue as I try to figure it out. In a general sense, however, I would like to find a career that involves analytics and allows me to use the Mandarin I have learned this past couple of years,” Neunuebel said.

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