Alumni to perform comedy, enliven support for FOTAD

SIUE alumni will return to campus to perform “Box and Cox” in order to raise funds for Friends of Theater and Dance (FOTAD).

A cast of alumni perform a farce, "Box and Cox" in February to raise funds for Friends of Theater and Dance (FOTAD) dinner program.

According Emeritus professor Otis Sweezey, new president of the organization, FOTAD provides impact to the department of theater and dance through its support.

“FOTAD can raise money, which it does, and hopefully can raise more money to provide financial assistance to students,” Sweezey said.

According to its website, FOTAD  is a “volunteer organization dedicated to raising funds to provide scholarships for students majoring in Theater and Dance at SIUE. FOTAD also grants travel funds and other benefits for Theater and Dance students.  Membership to FOTAD offers tickets to Theater and Dance productions to its members.”

According to Josh Douglas, a 2009 graduate of the SIUE theater program, also director of the play, FOTAD is an artistic community of support in which members gave him encouragement, lessons and advice.

“I think it’s important for alumni to perform for the dinner,” Douglas said. “That’s the driving force behind bringing alumni back to SIUE. To help an organization that helped us.”

The play, according to Douglas, is extremely funny.

“I think the audience is going to have a hard time eating because they are going to be laughing so much,” he said.

David Whitacre, Chris Kernan, Jay Harvey play Mr. Box, Mr. Cox and Mrs. Bouncer respectively. Acacia Douglas is stage manager.

Douglas said the actors are very well-liked, talented and unique in their own way.

“It’s nice because I’ve already known all three of these guys,” Douglas said. “They never stop impressing me. Even though I’ve thought I’ve seen it all, they just come up with something else.”

Harvey, a 2009 graduate received a scholarship from FOTAD as a junior.

“I had three kids so the scholarship helped me financially to get though school,” Harvey said. “That’s why I’m doing the show. I felt it really right for a fundraiser for when asked to give an opportunity back. I’m a believer in karma in giving back what has been given to you.”

“Box and Cox” will be held Sunday, Feb. 8, at 6 p.m. on the second floor of MUC as a dinner theater event in the Fixins’ Restaurant area. Reservations must be made by Feb. 2 by contacting the Fine Art Box Office at 618-650-2774 or (toll free) 1-888-328-5168, ext. 2774.


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