STELLAR Student profile: Ryan Jouett

Senior Ryan Jouett hopes to help people better their lives as a probation officer someday. Photo courtesy of Jouett,

Senior sociology and criminal justice major, Ryan Jouett, said he believes most or many people who commit crimes deserve a second chance.

He attests that to being one of the reasons he is pursuing a career as a probation officer following graduation in December.

Jouett, was also named among those selected for the STELLAR Student Award, and said he is surprised and honored to receive such recognition.

“I always work hard at what I do, and I appreciate being acknowledged,” Jouett said.

According to Jouett, he has been inclined for much of his life for this type of work.

“I’ve always had a strong interest in the law and the rights of all people,” Jouett said. “I also feel that this field has plenty of opportunities to experience a variety of careers where I can continue to learn, grow and provide better services to people I will be helping.”

“Through working with people in probation, I would like to help them make permanent changes to better their lives,” Jouett said.

Jouett interned at Madison County Probations, a requirement in his program last summer and found it fulfilling.

“I learned a lot and it was a good environment,” Jouett said. “They were hard workers, friendly and helpful. I feel that people within the profession are dedicated in that sort of way.

Jouett said he enjoys reading books such as action, horror and mystery novels.

He added, however, that a lot of books and TV do not portray criminals accurately.

“All those cop shows, they only show the worst ones,” Jouett said. “Many [people] are in between or not as bad of criminals.”

According to Jouett, people who want to be helped can be helped, but some people try to make that difficult.

Criminal justice professor Trish Oberweis, according to Jouett, is a favorite professor of his.

“She is passionate about her field and she challenged me to work harder and to not always take things at face value,” Jouett said.

Jouett also likes to play the guitar which he has studied for four years.

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