‘Calculus: The Musical’ performed for area high school students

Comedy and calculus merged into one last week as the Math Department presented “Calculus: The Musical” for area high school students.

Contributions from an alumnus of the math department allowed 'Calculus: The Musical' to be performed at SIUE last week for Metro East high school students. Photo by Kari Williams

Math Department Chair Adam Weyhaupt said an alumnus wanting to contribute to the program contacted the department around the same time as the musical’s representatives.

“We had an alumnus of our program that wanted to do something for the program,” Weyhaupt said. “We’re also trying to work on recruitment issues and we had an opportunity to bring in some high school students and have some fun.”

Students from Alton, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Ferguson-Florrisant, Marquette Catholic, and Triad high schools were in attendance.

This was the first time “Calculus: the Musical” was performed on campus, though Weyhaupt said they could be brought back in a few years.

“[The musical was] very funny,” Weyhaupt said after the event. “I’ll definitely be singing a couple of those songs in my head this afternoon.”

The musical was performed by Rachel Newman and Alexandria Litras of Know Theatre of Cincinnati.

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