Geography Club Lends A Hand At Confluence Trash Bash

Trash Bash Volounteers from The SIUE Geography ClubSaturday March 23 the SIUE Geography Club lent a hand with the Fifth Annual Confluence Trash Bash. This one day event is part of an effort from local communities to clean up river waste. The event includes lunch and prizes for best trash.

“One of the things I’m really passionate about is community service,” club faculty advisor Stacy Brown shared, “it sounded like something that would be good for geography students to get involved in and help the community.”

The group found out about the event through Rachel Schwartzkoff, a student member of the club who had participated through Missouri River Relief last year. The Geography Club got together eighteen people for the event, sixteen of which were students. While some of the work involved cleaning up liter surrounding streams a lot of it involved dealing with illegally dumped large waste that had worked it’s way into bodies of water. Some of the larger waste the club encountered included a microwave, vacuum cleaner, and over 21 tires.

“Sometimes with community service you don’t get to see the benefits, but with picking up trash you get to really see the fruits of your labors,” Brown shared.

The bash proved a good way for geography club members to get together as a group, socialize, and help the community all of which are goals of the club which also hopes to promote geography awareness on campus. The club was pleased with the event and intends to look for more community outreach events to participate in during the fall semester.

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