Anthropology students present fieldwork at Main Street Community Center

Assistant Anthropology Professor Dr. Aminata Cairo’s Field Methods class presented their fieldwork findings at the Main Street Community Center in Edwardsville on the evenings of Nov. 27 and Dec. 4, 2012, as an open, public event for local communities.

From left: Paul Chester, Melody Chester and Clinton Sipes (seated) presenting photos from their study on tattoos

From left: Paul Chester, Melody Chester and Clinton Sipes (seated) presenting photos from their study on tattoos

Students in the class had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture or community for the semester and to gain valuable academic, career and cultural experiences doing the work of anthropologists.

The Field Methods students all did participant observation as well as surveys and interviews to conduct their research. In her opening to the Dec. 4 presentations, Cairo expressed that the students were fortunate to have the opportunity to place themselves inside of a community.

“One of the things that I stress and that we stress is that it’s very special when a group of people in a community allows you to come in,” Cairo said. “Just because you want to go doesn’t mean you have the right.”

Melody Chester presenting about tattoos

Melody Chester presenting about tattoos

Cairo also expressed that when students go into the field, they are to not only seek and use their data but to also find a way to repay the communities for their willingness to participate. The presentations at the Community Center were one of the ways that students could repay the favors from their studied communities and gain yet another valuable learning experience from their Field Methods class.

“One of the things we [also] stress is to go in with respect and give something back,” Cairo said. “This [presentation event] is part of giving back. This is also part of allowing the community to give feedback. We go, we learn and we take this data, but the community might have something to say about that.”

The presentations from the students were diverse, detailed and very informational. Each student group shared his or her experiences within the communities and all the data he or she found. Below is a list of all the field work presentations and the students who conducted them on Nov. 27 and Dec. 4.

The Field Methods class

The Field Methods class at Main Street Community Center

Tuesday, Nov. 27

Tattoos:  Corinne Harvey, Quinn Lawrence, Becca Soch, Josh Tuttle

LARP (Live Action Role Play):  Ryan Anderson, Anna Marie Wright, Zach Henderson,

Courtney Reiter, Linda Baynes, Kim Kosydor

Body Modification: Laura Sain, Cody Farrell, Lucy Coats, Kayla Koger, Jennifer Lewis

Drag (Cross-Dressing): Teghan Duhigg, Kathryn Chapman, Heidi Hennings

Tuesday, Dec 4

Tattoos:  Paul Chester, Melody Chester, Clinton Sipes

Art in Schools:  Amy Rinderer, Kristen Theisen, Recie Wilson-Wiley

Nature Religions:  Alex Taitt, Kate Powell, Stephanie Sizemore, Corey Greaves

Parkour and Free Running: Alex Kalika, Rocky Gutierrez, Jacob Province

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